The Steel Build Standard
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In the construction industry, there are many known accreditations and standards such as ISO, CE, Achilles, SMAS, and CSCS. We view these as basic-level entry points, and therefore, enforce the Steel Build Standard to ensure our customers are receiving the best products, QA, and installation services when embarking on the Steel Build Journey. If documentation is stamped ‘Steel Build Standard’, then you can be sure the following processes have been completed.


With Steel Build starting out as an installation company, our design is driven by site activities and CDM. We promote innovation and input from all staff throughout this process to ensure we minimise all risk.


All production processes, regardless of request, will follow our CE procedure. As a company we decided to enforce this to avoid any misinterpretation of projects and to support this becoming part of our Steel Build Culture.

Quality Assurance

Steel Build enforce traceability and a stringent QA procedure to support CDM and removing risks from site activities. This QA culture in Steel Build assists in site procedures.

Project Management

Our managers are promoted to voice their opinions in regards to our package or surrounding associated works. As part of your team, we aim to have a proactive, positive approach.

Health and Safety

At Steel Build, we pride ourselves in our health and safety culture. This is demonstrated through our awards received. We are consistent regardless of project size or customer expectations.


As part of the Steel Build Standard we exceed the CE recommendation and ensure all installations are documented to support our factory traceability.

Training and competency

The Steel Build Standard really comes to life when we talk about training and competency. Throughout our trading experience we have witnessed many levels of operatives possessing the same qualifications, and therefore have developed our own in-house accreditation. We hold a card scheme as follows:

Gold = Management Level

Silver = Installer Supervisor

Bronze = Installer or Welder Fabricator

White = Installers Assistant or Workshop Operative

To be awarded a card, employees and subcontractors must complete the following series of tests:

  • Multiple choice questionnaire – 64 questions with a maximum of 86 points to be awarded.
  • Practical assessment – An initial audit of an install followed by regular audit to ensure the standards are kept.
  • Case study – A one-to-one interview to demonstrate understanding and responsibility in the industry.
  • Other training – This area includes CSCS, CPCS, NVQ’s, and other basic industry-recognised qualifications.


The cards are issued on the outcome of these tests.